"Both Kevin DeYoung and Albert Mohler have done an excellent job reviewing Rob Bell's book, Love Wins. They have captured where Bell has strayed and have emphasized the positives of the Gospel which Love Wins has blurred. You may read DeYoung's review and Mohler's is below."       ~ Ted Loy

We Have Seen All This Before: Rob Bell and the
(Re)Emergence of Liberal Theology

by Albert Mohler

In this new book, Rob Bell takes his stand with those who have tried to rescue Christianity from itself. This is a massive tragedy by any measure.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The novelist Saul Bellow once remarked that being a prophet is nice work if you can get it. The only problem, he suggested, is that sooner or later a prophet has to speak of God, and at that point the prophet has to speak clearly. In other words, the prophet will have to speak with specificity about who God is, and at that point the options narrow.

For the last twenty years or so, a movement identified as emerging or emergent Christianity has
done its determined best to avoid speaking with specificity. Leading figures in the movement have offered trenchant criticisms of mainstream evangelicalism. Most pointedly, they have accused evangelical Christianity, variously, as being excessively concerned with doctrine, culturally tone-deaf, overly propositional, unnecessarily offensive, aesthetically malnourished, and basically uncool.

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