Donnaís ďDonnaismsĒ

Yogi Berra is well-known for his unique sayings like, ďIf you come to a fork in the road, take it.Ē or, ďIt ainít over Ďtil itís over.Ē In her conversations with Ted, Donna has also crafted some very unique, pithy sayings Ė which she says Ted has ďdoctoredĒ a bit. For posterity it would be good to put a few down on paper so that others can enjoy them:

(While sitting at the table together) Whose foot is that under the table?

(Ted) Why do you need glasses when youíre going down for a shower? (Donna) I might need to read something.

Ted, that full moon really looked good until you looked at it!

Ted, we need to go up the chairlift together: I donít care if you come down!

(When taking two alarm clocks on a trip) In case one works, maybe the other one will.

Itís getting earlier this morning.

I was cold until I warmed up.

Have you noticed any bad breath today? Keep an eye on it.

(Ted) Have you ever been to Yellowstone? (Donna) Yes, from a distance.

Ted, you are so personal!

It was so hard to open the curtains this morning: there was so much fog out there.

(While feeling Tedís toes one morning in bed) Is that you?

Iím glad I married you Ė and not somebody else!

I canít see too well when I donít open my eyes.

I like it when you expire in my arms.

Did you get out of bed on purpose Ė or by accident?

(While watching water in the microwave) When I see the water moving, then I know itís hot!

We need to make this bed before we get out of it.

Do you feel you slept more than I did?

Are you in the sink?

That professor looks like he was a student once.

Well dear, we caught each other before the last stage.

(re: the weather report) I think I heard the sunlight sometime this weekend.

Is that a toothpick in your mouth? It looks like wood!

(Looking out the plane window during our Israel trip) That wing has been there the whole trip!

(Flying over snow-capped mountains) Thereís snow on the ground when itís visible.

(While in the plane) Are you coughing, or is there something coming up?

Ted, you smelled like the bottom of the swamp last night.

Sleep over on the other side. I am over on the other side!

Do Irish people die? Do they die often?

Ted, you sure have a sturdy framework!

I have heard that from people who donít talk to me.

I donít have cold feet in my head.

I donít like the air in those indoor buildings.

I know why they are younger than we are: they were born after we were!

After itís made, that coffee doesnít taste too good!

I donít use the hairdryer any more than I have to because it tends to dry my hair out!

I went out riding my bike and went across the street on a green light. All the traffic going my direction was also going with the green light.

No dew on the grass means it might rain, but then again it might not.

I was looking at the neighbors in the back there, and there were the two twins.

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