Donnaís ďDonnaismsĒ

Yogi Berra is well-known for his unique sayings like, ďIf you come to a fork in the road, take it.Ē or, ďIt ainít over Ďtil itís over.Ē In her conversations with Ted, Donna has also crafted some very unique, pithy sayings Ė which she says Ted has ďdoctoredĒ a bit. For posterity it would be good to put a few down on paper so that others can enjoy them:

I donít know: I think I wore myself out when I was little!

This water is so hot it almost feels good!

I donít know where I was in my dream, but I was somewhere!

Iím going to cut the toothpaste tube into two halves.

If I hadnít made an effort to wake up, I would have been asleep!

Itís a good thing Iím not a camel!

Itís really bright outside this morning. I can feel it!

Youíre making my hair blacker!

If you want to keep the crocuses you pick outside you have to put them in a vase with wet water on the inside.

Today is Thursday. Wednesday was yesterday, and tomorrow will be Friday!

Do you see black when you turn the lights off?

(Donna) We have nuts in the car. (Ted) Yes, we sure do!

I just look at you, and I get rid of things.

Itís pretty hard to see in the dark!

Without the sun, it does feel cooler!

(Donna) Are we going in the same clothes. (Ted) No. Youíll go in your clothes, and Iíll go in mine.

When you turn the alarm off I never hear it!

The hamper has a way of getting full by the time Iím ready to wash!

(Donna) I donít think Iíd like a beard. (Ted) Then you donít have to grow one!

Do you ever fall asleep while youíre resting?

If it gets cold enough outside we will have frozen water!

I like a solid bed with four feet under it!

I havenít seen anybody take a bath in our bird bath!

That upside-down flowering tree is going to have trouble!

You are gurgling inside: there must be something in there!

(Donna) Did you say something? (Ted) No. (Donna) Did you want to?

How does it get to be morning when I donít realize it?

Do you want me to see if that was thunder?

(Donna in the shower) How come itís so wet in here!

(Donna waking up at 4:30A) Iím glad weíre here!

(Ted) That Kona coffee is so mild! (Donna) Yes! Itís almost enjoyable!

Now you know, dear, the same night we have guests youíre going to have to put the garbage out!

(Donna) I have your shoes. Where to you want to put them on? (Ted) On my feet!

Iím going to see how that pimple is with glasses on!

Iíve learned that average is not what many of us are!

I donít think Iím going to make it my goal to jump out of airplanes Ė with a parachute!

The bed looks flat until we sleep on it!

Weíre going to have to stick up a note where you canít see it!

I love to hear you Ė whether youíre breathing or not.

(Donna) Did you turn off the hose last night? (Ted) No, but I did turn off the water!

Will there be more than one of you at work today?

Are you going to smell good today?

If I donít put it in the notes, itís not there!

The smell of a store has a lot to do with the people that come in it!

I really slept good until I woke up!

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