Holocaust Perspective
Nazi and Stalinist Holocausts Compared
Auchswitz after sixty years brings back again all the Nazi-generated holocaust horrors
suffered by Jews and others.  Our Jewish friends do well to keep before us these records
of man’s inhumanity to man.  We must never forget.  Six million deaths is an
imponderable number – as is the further statistic of five million more lives taken by
Hitler’s National Socialist scourge – Gypsies, Slavs, members of resistance movements,
All this being said, the most horrific holocaust ever perpetrated on the world stems from
the revolutionary ideas of Marx and Lenin.  Conservatively speaking, under the Stalinist
reign of terror from 1922 to 1953, twenty to twenty-five million were exterminated by
means of slave camps, forced famine, executions etc.  Millions of people from many
backgrounds and nationalities were forcibly taken from their homes, tried by secret police
kangaroo courts, and given lengthy slave sentences.  According to Yale Russia scholar,
Anne Applebaum, in her definitive book, Gulag: A History, 476 Soviet slave camp
systems are documented – numerous camps existing within each system.  A quarter of
slave camp prisoners died as they were forced to produce quotas for the infamous Five-
Year Plans – long hours of hard labor under starvation conditions.  For a first-hand
account by an American, please read I was a Slave in Soviet Russia by John Noble.  He
still lives to tell his story.
Taking Marxist ideas from Russia to China, Mao Zedong wreaked even more terrible
suffering on his people.  Again, in conservative figures, the Chinese holocaust under Mao
totaled around thirty to thirty-five million deaths.  If six million is imponderable, what of
these staggering figures?  (Some estimates go much higher.)  China’s loagai labor camps
still exist as do the crushing slave camps of North Korea.  In these places the holocaust
still continues.
Most strange about all this is the relative silence which seems to prevail when the
holocausts of Stalin and Mao are considered.  We all have the impression that Hitler must
have been the most evil of men – when, in fact, sheer death numbers thrust Stalin and
Mao into a category all their own.