"Both Kevin DeYoung and Albert Mohler have done an excellent job reviewing Rob Bell's book, Love Wins. They have captured where Bell has strayed and have emphasized the positives of the Gospel which Love Wins has blurred. You may read Mohler's review and DeYoung's is below."       ~ Ted Loy

God Is Still Holy and What You Learned in Sunday School Is Still True: A Review of ďLove WinsĒ

by Kevin DeYoung

Note: This post is long. You can go here for a PDF version of the 20-page review.

Love Wins, by megachurch pastor Rob Bell, is, as the subtitle suggests, ďa book about heaven, hell, and the fate of every person who ever lived.Ē Hereís the gist: Hell is what we create for ourselves when we reject Godís love. Hell is both a present reality for those who resist God and a future reality for those who die unready for Godís love. Hell is what we make of heaven when we cannot accept the good news of Godís forgiveness and mercy. But hell is not forever. God will have his way. How can his good purposes fail? Every sinner will turn to God and realize he has already been reconciled to God, in this life or in the next. There will be no eternal conscious torment. God says no to injustice in the age to come, but he does not pour out wrath (we bring the temporary suffering upon ourselves), and he certainly does not punish for eternity. In the end, love wins.  
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