The New Frankenstein

There seems to be a fascination with evil beings who are secretly morphed -- like Frankenstein. There is a new Frankenstein which presents the West with a threat of world conflict which Churchill in his prescience would have been quick to note. In his 1921 speech to the House of Commons he saw the threat of Wahhabi Sunni Islam as a new evil creation. In 1932 he foresaw the threat of Nazism as a specter raising its ugly head. And it was Churchill who in 1946 coined the term Iron Curtain.

What Churchill would tell us today is something happening right before our eyes -- but which we ignore at our peril. Around the world Marxists and Muslims are forming alliances -- truly a new Frankenstein. And their common enemy is Israel and the US.

If one would charge that this is fear-mongering, consider the case of Chavez -- the Venezuelan Castro clone. His government media continuously broadcasts anti-American and anti-Semitic vitriol. A third of Venezuelan Jews have left the country, and the rest face government harassment. Chavez openly supports Ahmadinejad's Islamic dictatorship and his mortal threats against Israel and the US.

In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict Marxists throw their total support behind Islamic terrorist organizations like Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah. Former KGB operative, Putin, the power behind the throne in Russia, supplies Venezuela, Syria and Iran with weapons -- countries which look upon Israel and the US as their enemies.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration whistles in the dark.