The ACLU and YOU
(Our First Amendment Right the Freedom of Religion)
Natasha Appenheimer and her family as represented by the ACLU have imposed their
particular bias on the majority of Washington Community High School students, parents,
faculty and staff.  Although Ms. Appenheimer claims to be a religious person, she feels
public prayer at her high school commencement forces a minority to pray against their
will.  In agreement, US District Judge Joe B. McDade granted a temporary restraining
order on the grounds that:  “The Constitution protects the individual from the majority
view.” – which judgment in effect allowed a minority to impose their will on the
Firstly, in a public setting, if a speaker expresses anything to which I object, whether in a
prayer or not, I certainly do not have to feel I am forced to agree with it!  How much
public speech would be uttered at all if it could not be spoken due to the fact that
somebody hearing it would not agree or be offended by it?
Secondly, can the First Amendment legitimately be used to silence any public reference
to God, either as a statement of opinion or as a prayer?  The framers of the Constitution
certainly had no such idea as evidenced by the fact that such public behavior was
common in our country until the novel interpretations of the ACLU.  Our Founding
Fathers understood the “establishment of religion” to be the establishment of a state
church such as that which existed in England.  Does anyone really think a
commencement prayer is establishing the Washington Community High School Church?
Thirdly, the First Amendment goes on to say the “free exercise” of religion should not be
prohibited.  The free exercise of prayer at Washington Community High School
commencements over the last 80 years was just prohibited in the name of the First
Amendment -- which supports just the opposite.  Incredibly the First Amendment has
been turned on its head by those who have either ignored or rejected its original intent. 
And this malaise is beginning to affect the very soul of our nation which was founded on
the premise that our “inalienable rights” are God-given.  Our Declaration of
Independence makes that very clear.
Where do we go from here?  How about “In God We Trust,” our national motto, or the
Pledge of Allegiance which includes the words, “under God.”  Incredibly a federal court
did entertain a suit to eliminate those words!  Will the ACLU now file suit to eliminate
the Declaration of Independence because it mentions God?  If the ALCU has its way, we
will be well on our way to eliminate the very rights our First Amendment was designed to