Arrest Quotas By Race?
(Racial Profiling)
In the rush to brand law enforcement as racially-motivated in its arrest patterns, we do a
great disservice to our men and women who serve and protect us.  When we paint all law
enforcement personnel with the same brush of racial bias, we dishonor the large majority
of police who simply do their best every day to fairly enforce the law – regardless of who
may be arrested.  Are there bad apples within the law enforcement profession?  Sure.  But
we must not allow the actions of a few to influence what we think of the many.  
The charge of racial profiling goes something like this:  arrests of minorities must
conform to their demographic percentage, and when they do not – there must be racial
bias.  If that is so, what shall we make of the Asian minority?  Their arrest frequency is
much lower than that of their demographic percentage.  Using the logic of those who
charge racial profiling, more Asians should be arrested in order to make up the proper
numbers.  The fact is -- no predetermined quota of arrests will conform to actuality. 
Some minorities will have higher numbers, and some will have lower.  There can be no
rigid standard.
Should law enforcement be more vigilant when it comes to some minorities?  Absolutely! 
All of the perpetrators of 9/11 were young Arab men – foreign-born with a variety of
visas.  It would be irresponsible for police not to be more vigilant regarding this minority. 
The probability this group of people will continue to commit violence against our people
is many times more than that of the average citizen.  Yet, charges of racial profiling have
been leveled at law enforcement because this group has been asked to register with the
authorities – something that makes absolute common sense.
If we force arrest quotas by race on our police, we will be giving them an impossible
task.  If they make a minority arrest, they’re condemned because it may not conform to
the quota for that week.  And if they don’t make an arrest for some infraction of the law,
they’re condemned because they aren’t doing their duty.  Talk about a catch-22.