Time For a Ballot Box Revolution

From 1776 to 2009, our national debt rose to 11.4 trillion. According to the current administration's own spending projections, the CBO estimates our national debt will double in ten years - twice the entire accumulated debt during our 233-year history. Hyper-spending leads to hyper-debt which in turn leads to hyperinflation. Our third highest budget item is interest payment on our national debt.

Hyperinflation will bring this country to its knees -- robbing the savings of millions of Americans. Nothing will cause more damage to the stability of the United States and its ability to function than hyperinflation. For example, 100% inflation means we all lose 50% of our lifetime savings. It would be as though we only worked half the time we actually did.

It's high time we elect government officials who will stop playing make-believe with our economy - who will face up to the terrible reality unfolding before us. Unless the wanton cycle of borrowing and spending is curtailed, our own irresponsible government will bury us - not some foreign power.

Since current leadership is drastically increasing both spending and government control, it must be voted out of office. A deep cut in spending and accompanying government intrusion is imperative -- although weaning us from the federal feeding trough will be painful. Unless there is a total reversal of government policy, hyperinflation will inundate us like a flood. There's hope: we still live in a democracy.

We need a new American revolution at the ballot box.