Big Bang – Big Surprise!
Supports Biblical Teaching
In the field of cosmology, no finding in the recent past has had more of an impact than
the Big Bang theory – now almost universally accepted in the scientific world.  Hubble’s
Law, arising from his 1929 observation of redshift coming from galaxies, states the
following: recessional velocity (v) of a galaxy is proportional to its distance (d).  This
was revolutionary – on the order of great discoveries by Galileo and Copernicus. 
Building on this Law, George Ganow proposed that “the entire physical universe, all the
matter and energy and even the four dimensions of time and space, burst forth from a
state of infinite or near infinite density, temperature, and pressure.”  He extrapolated from
Hubble’s Law that increasing outward galactic velocity must have originated from a
primal explosion about 15 billion years ago.  In 1965, Penzias and Wilson confirmed this
by discovering background microwave radiation corresponding to the Big Bang.
Cosmologists speak of the Big Bang in almost biblical terms using words like creation
and nothingness.  This is because prior to Planck Time, or one billionth of a trillionth
seconds after the Big Bang, science has no means to understand how or why it happened.
Both science and theology of necessity employ faith.  Both are convinced there was no
matter, no energy, and no space or time prior to the Big Bang.  Consequently, faith
becomes indispensable when considering the origins of the universe – whether from a
theological or scientific point of view.
The theologian believes it is logical to understand there is a God who created something
out of nothing.  The scientist, if proceeding from an atheistic position, has to believe
something came out of nothing by means of blind chance – although this flies in the face
of overwhelming odds.  And after all, chance by definition has no independent existence:
it is nothing more than fortune.
It turns out the scriptural view of creation has stated all along what the Big Bang theory
supports by making origins a matter of faith: “The heavens declare the glory of God….”,
Psalm 19:1; “By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so
that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.”, Hebrews 11:3.