Obama's All-You-Can-Eat/Spend Halal Buffet

Every day our government goes into debt more than 4 billion dollars to keep feeding a bloated bureaucracy in Washington. You might say our government is like a glutton in an all-you-can eat buffet. Just since Obama took office, he has served up an additional trillion dollars of borrowed spending/food for his hungry, growing bureaucracy. This is common knowledge.

What is not common knowledge is that Obama's all-you-can-eat/spend buffet now serves a halal menu. Since Obama has so much borrowed money on hand he has decided to feed millions to Islam in order to rebuild mosques in the Middle East. Check out the Washington Times editorial for August 10, 2010. One is the Amr Ebn El Aas Mosque in Cairo -- named for the Muslim general who in 642 AD conquered Byzantine Egypt. Does it sound like the administration is tilted toward Islam? Even NASA now has a Muslim outreach plan.

Obama's halal menu also includes an all-expense trip to the Middle East for ground-zero imam Rauf who could raise millions from oil-rich Muslim kingdoms, among other activities, for his $100 million, 15-story Manhattan mosque.

The al-Farooq mosque of Brooklyn was one of the few in New York City in 1993. Lest we forget, members of that mosque carried out the first WTC attack on February 26, 1993 using 1500 pounds of explosives.

It's time to close the Obama All-You-Can-Eat Halal Buffet!