Castro's Accomplishments



To listen to liberal thinkers, Fidel Castro is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Now that he has reached 80 years of age and has ruled Cuba for 48 years, our liberal friends are falling all over each other with eulogies.  They believe his brand of Marxist-Leninist socialism is the world's panacea.  When Castro dies, there will be no end to their speeches of tribute.  Certainly, all of this honor will be heaped upon Fidel Castro because of his great and glorious accomplishments.  Let's list a few.


Today about 10% of all Cubans do not live in Cuba.  They have left all they ever had for one reason - freedom.  They have risked life and limb over treacherous seas just to breathe free.  This is perhaps the greatest of Castro's accomplishments - to create a police state so odious that hundreds of thousands of Cubans would do anything to leave it.


Castro has also managed to deny his people every basic human freedom - speech, press, assembly and religion (which has loosened up some in recent years).  As in all Marxist societies, nothing which contradicts the government can be allowed.  State Security is everywhere to make sure all expression is in conformity with the Party line.  Jail awaits those who dare to speak out.  Seventy-five of the leading Cuban intellectuals found that out as they were jailed in 2003 - many of whom are still rotting in prison - simply for wanting a democratic society.


Economically Castro has produced a system which still rations basic necessities.  The average monthly salary amounts to 300 pesos - or about $15/mo.  Since nobody can live on this, there is a lively dollar economy fed by tourism and remittances from family abroad  -- mostly from Cuban "worms/gusanos" (as Castro calls them) who have dared to leave the "workers paradise" in Cuba.  These "Yankee Imperialists" now make enough money to live on - and also enough to send to their family members in Cuba to buy enough food to exist.  


None of these facts move our liberal friends - because it's the philosophy that counts.  What that philosophy does is of no importance to them.  They are totally blind to the disastrous results of Castro's 48-year Marxist dictatorship.