A Conjugal Oxymoron
(Homosexual Marriage)
Homosexual marriage is an oxymoron.  The concepts of homosexuality and marriage
actually have no relationship to each other whatsoever.  A few of the world’s 190
countries have swallowed the pretext that homosexual marriage must be accepted due to
equal rights – which in fact have nothing to do with the oxymoron of homosexual
marriage.  This is simply because marriage by definition and 6000 years of recorded
history has always been – and always will be – the union between one man and one
woman.  Men and women have always had equal rights to marry, and as a result families
have always been part of human history.  No legislature or court can change the
unchangeable – the existence of families made up of fathers, mothers and children – the
basic institution of every country and culture.  
There are several inherent reasons for the single definition of marriage.  Any student of
physiology will be able to tell you there are two complementary sexes which are
necessary for marital union.  Any plumber will tell you there are male and female fittings. 
This is so obvious as to be superfluous to mention – except that those pushing
homosexual marriage can’t seem to comprehend plain facts.  As the French would say,
Viva l’difference!  It is also self-evident that families need both fathers and mothers. 
Whatever the family makeup, parents readily understand how important both male and
female roles are in raising children.
Dr. David Popenoe is Professor of Sociology at Rutgers where he has served as Associate
Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences – overseeing the social and behavioral science
departments.  He has also twice received Senior Fulbright Research Scholarships.  Life
Without Father:  Compelling New Evidence that Fatherhood and Marriage are
Indispensable for the Good of Children and Society, is one of his excellent and widely-
read studies.  In this book he gives solid scientific evidence to demonstrate the failure to
recognize and practice the central value of marriage and family is disastrous to society.
Marriage and family are God’s idea.  You can’t do any better than that!  Why tinker with
the Master plan?  It works.