Will the Real Constitution Please Stand Up?
(The Ten Commandments and the First Amendment)
Mounted high above the majestic columns of our US Supreme Court building sculptured
at the frieze apex sits a massive figure of Moses with a Law tablet in each hand – one of
many places the Decalogue is incorporated into the architectural plan.  You don’t need to
be a rocket scientist to understand the message:  US law is founded on our Judeo-
Christian heritage as symbolized in the Ten Commandments.  This is indisputable –
except in the minds of modern judicial activists who wish to rewrite our history.
Not only is our Judeo-Christian heritage emblazoned on our public monuments and
documents, but also the founders of our nation openly acknowledged the source of
American liberty and law.  George Washington, Father of our Country:  “It is impossible
to rightly govern…without God and the Bible.”  James Madison, Father of our
Constitution:  “The future and success of America is not in this Constitution but in the
laws of God upon which this Constitution is founded.”  Also, “We’ve staked our future
on our ability to follow the Ten Commandments with all our heart.”
In the light of news from Alabama, (the deposing of Supreme Court Chief Justice, Roy
Moore), what has been acknowledged from the outset of this nation is now being
questioned – and even denied.  Judge Moore was defrocked simply because he wished to
display the Ten Commandments in the Alabama Supreme Court building.  What we have
been so graciously given by the right hand of our nation’s Founders is now being taken
away by the left hand of those who wish to revise US history.  Rather than accept the
intent of the Framers of our Constitution, some legislators and judges would rather
impose their own intent on that grand old document.  That the First Amendment
Establishment Clause could ever be twisted to make unconstitutional the public
acknowledgment of our Judeo-Christian heritage would have been unthinkable to James
Madison.  But that is the thinking today of some judicial activists who reject the intent of
the Framers.  Judge Moore who stands with our Constitutional Framers is their victim. 
The Ten Commandments case in Alabama was not heard by the Supreme Court.  Since
Chief Justice Roy Moore’s action was found to be unconstitutional, then our Supreme
Court will need to furnish hard hats and sandblasters to change the design of their own
building – and thousands of other public buildings which acknowledge our Judeo-
Christian heritage.  Shall we start with the Lincoln Memorial?