Rarely have Americans been given such a clear choice between party philosophies. 
Rarely since the Party of Lincoln staked its future on the value of human life and family 
-- as it was debated in the slave/free controversies of 150 years ago – have we faced
questions of such magnitude.  The Party of Lincoln has again taken up the torch to
preserve unborn human life and to preserve the most ancient of all institutions – marriage
and family.
Democrat politicians, for the most part, openly and freely argue against the value of
unborn human life – and consequently for the arbitrary elimination of children still in the
womb.  Democrat politicians openly and freely argue against the traditional family as we
know it – and for the formation of something different and totally foreign to what is held
by the vast majority of Americans.
Republican politicians are appealing to that majority to stand up and be counted. 
Because of the clear difference between party platforms, our national elections represent
decisive crossroads for our nation.  Issues of war, economy and social benefits pale into
insignificance when compared to the enormous consequences of supporting or denying
the values of marriage and family and the life-and-death issue of abortion. 
Democrat politicians take for granted our large African-American, Hispanic and labor
voting blocks will march in lock step with them – as they traditionally have done.  Given
the huge value these voting blocks place on children and family, now is the time to march
to a different drummer – the party of Lincoln – which holds to those same values – the
sanctity of marriage and the value of unborn human life.  Democrat politicians talk about
family values, but when it comes time for their congressional vote, they prove they don’t
hold to these values at all.
If our heritage is robbed from us by those who desire a nation other than that which was
founded here and given to us as a sacred trust, we will have only ourselves to blame if we
ignore our right and privilege to vote.  To stay home and ignore that right and privilege is
the same voting for those who would remove our national foundations to substitute their