The Cubanization of Venezuela
If you have been following internet reports from the major Caracas newspaper, El
Universal, you are very much aware the current president, Hugo Chavez, has been
cubanizing Venezuela since he took power.  He has employed every manner of Castro-
type harangue you will hear in Fidel’s interminable speeches and is using every kind of
political power-grabbing Castro has used to maintain his forty-plus years of iron-fisted
dictatorship.  This is no surprise since Fidel is his hero.  Most significantly, Chavez has
completely politicized military and law-enforcement organizations by appointing officers
who favor his brand of Marxist philosophy.  In fact, anyone working for the government
who does not conform to his Cuban-style ideas is being fired and replaced.  Chavez views
anyone opposed to him as counterrevolutionary and tied to yankee imperialism – two of
the worst things you can say about anyone in a Marxist-style culture.
Recently there have been tragic murders of Venezuelan military who have dared to sign a
presidential recall petition for voting last summer.  Eye-witness reports confirm gasoline
was thrown into the cell of nine opposition military personnel.  At least two have died
from extensive burns.  Such is the mindset of Chavistas who see those with another
political persuasion as enemies of the state.  Chavez talks democracy but practices
something totally different.  Peaceful demonstrations against the government have been
brutally put down resulting in deaths, injuries, imprisonments and torture.  All this has
been carefully documented.
It is well-known that Chavez has illegally imported thousands of Cuban educators,
medical personnel and security people replacing Venezuelan workers and worming their
way into the matrix of Venezuelan life – all the time methodically extolling the failed
Cuban Marxist lifestyle.  Never mind Cubans are regularly denied the freedoms of press,
assembly, speech – and real elections.  Never mind Cubans are regularly sentenced who
have spoken out for democracy – over seventy recently jailed simply because they want
to exercise universally recognized human rights.
Chavez never met a dictator he didn’t like – Castro, Saddam, etc.  So don’t count on real
elections in Venezuela any time soon since Chavez is patterning his autocracy on
Castro’s dictatorship for life.