Dump the Death Penalty?
(Reasons to Retain the Death Penalty)
Although a majority of US citizens support the death penalty, there is a growing, vocal
movement to dump capital punishment.  At the outset, it should be noted that people of
good will come down on both sides of this question – and oddly for the same reason –
i.e., the intrinsic value of human life.  However, those favoring death penalty abolishment
find themselves emphasizing more the value of life for the murderer rather than that of
the victim.
When a murderer decides to kill a victim, wantonly -- callously, and without thought for
the infinite value of the victim’s life -- the victim is left with no choice at all.  Everything
is taken from the victim -- family, friends, future, life itself – things which are totally
irreplaceable.  Meanwhile, the murderer, who gives no thought for what has been taken
from the victim, we are told should be free to live – although restricted to incarceration. 
In essence, then, infinitely more consideration is given to the murderer than that which
the murderer gave to the victim.  Justice in any sense of the word cannot be served in this
When arguments are raised against the death penalty, they can usually be reduced to the
following:  two wrongs don’t make a right.  In other words, a murderer’s death is to be
seen in the same way as the victim’s death.  That is, both are the same crime.  At first,
this argument seems to have merit; however, the murder’s death must be seen in a far
different light than that of the victim.  The victim had no choice whatsoever when life
was thoughtlessly taken.  The murderer freely and with malice chose to take the life of
the victim.  This is indeed a crime -- the ultimate crime.  When the murderer dies because
of intentionally depriving another of life, this cannot be seen as a crime at all – simply
justice.  What happens in the cause of each death is not in any way similar and cannot be
Yes, human life is valuable – infinitely valuable.  Therefore, nothing else but life can be
paid to approximate what the victim lost.  Life in prison is still life – infinitely better than
the murderer gave to his victim.