Evil Ideology
After the London bombings, PM Tony Blair stated an “evil ideology” is threatening not
only the UK but also the world.  Londoners were completely shocked to discover that
four British young men of Islamic background could harbor such hatred against them –
enough to wantonly murder scores in obedience to their evil ideology.  Like most
Westerners, Londoners do not understand an ideology which teaches that Allah and the
Koran command such murder, that Allah is pleased with such murder, and that paradise
awaits those who sacrifice themselves accomplishing such murder.  With promptings
from the Blair government, Parliament is forging new laws criminalizing incitement to
violence – whether under the cloak of religion or not.
Much of radical Islam stems from Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi sect which helped to launch
the Saudi ruling family into power in 1932.  This intolerant Islamic sect is anti-Jew, anti-
Christian, anti-Shiite and anti-Sufi – holding only to the Sunni form of Islam.  With Saudi
billions at its disposal, Wahhabism has been spread throughout the world by funding
thousands of mosques and madrassas/Koran schools – many of which spew the same evil
ideology that has sparked worldwide terrorism – whether in New York, Madrid, London,
Bali or Manila.  It is no accident that al-Qaida grew out of Wahhabism in the 1990s.  It is
no accident that 16 of those attacking the World Trade Center were Wahhabi Saudis.  It is
no accident that 55% of terrorist bombers in Iraq come from Saudi Arabia.  Wahhabism’s
goal is to see the world ruled by a Taliban-like Islamic dictatorship – by whatever means.
Alexandria, Virginia, is home to the Islamic Saudi Academy – one of the thousands of
madrassas worldwide with close ties to the Wahhabi sect funded by the Saudis.  An
eleventh-grade textbook teaches one sign of the Day of Judgment will be when Muslims
fight and kill Jews:  “Oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah, here is a Jew hiding behind me. 
Come here and kill him.”  We don’t have to go to Pakistan, Iran or Saudi Arabia to find
incitement to violence in school curricula.  It’s right here in the good ol’ USA.