Far East Bully
As we enter a new century, the US is faced with a new Far East bully – the PRC –
mainland China.  This colossus of 1.2 billion people by means of its 2/21/00 policy paper
reiterated its threat of “drastic force” against the ROC – Republic of China – Taiwan – a
small country of only 22 million inhabitants.  Taiwan is threatened with invasion if it
doesn’t capitulate to the PRC, i.e. give up its independent statehood.  The PRC has never
accepted Taiwan as anything other than a renegade province of China since 1949;
consequently, it arrogantly asserts its right to forcefully annex Taiwan as it has the
country of Tibet.  Even the UN has been cowed by the PRC to accept its “one China”
policy which denies Taiwan world acceptance as a bona fide country, and as a result this
decision only encourages PRC designs on Taiwan.
This is no empty threat.  The PRC has the largest standing military of 2.5 million, and its
military budget is increasing over five times the overall budget rate.  Officially the PRC
admits double-digit military budget increases over the last several years.  Since there is
no nation threatening to attack the PRC, why is there such a huge military build-up? 
Taiwan has reason to be concerned: it knows why.  World history confirms that military
build-ups, such as that of Germany and Japan in the last century, never bode well.
Because of PRC pressure, the Clinton administration refused Taiwan’s request to
purchase four Aegis destroyers to bolster its defenses.  This is inexcusable.  Also, the
PRC has accused the Bush administration of escalating the arms race by developing a
missile defense system and sharing the technology with Taiwan so it can defend itself
against a PRC missile attack.  Defensive missiles to not escalate arms races.  Offensive
missiles do.  All Taiwan wants to do is defend itself, and we ought to do all we can to aid
in that defense. 
Tiananmen Square democracy advocates languishing in PRC prisons can testify to a
continuing Marxist one-party dictatorship which wants to impose its tyranny on Taiwan
by force.  We have experienced the disastrous mistake of appeasing past European and
Far East bullies in the last century.  Let’s not make the same mistake with the PRC in this
century.  Let’s stand by our democratic neighbor, Taiwan, the Republic of China.