The Rise of Fidelito Chavez
Dictator of Venezuela
Using any means at his disposal, President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has been
consolidating power to the extent that he now personally controls the judiciary, the
legislature, and the military – which is being actively politicized.  He has broken union
resistance by firing thousands of oil workers who were part of a strike against him, and
he has recently sentenced union president Carlos Ortega to fifteen years in jail because he
dared to use his right to call this strike.  In addition, he has mobilized his thugs, the so-
called Bolivarian Circles, to intimidate representatives of the free press – and he has
passed laws which are being used to silence any media opposition.  Total government
control of the media is only a matter of time – a la Castro.  The only institution Chavez
does not yet have in his pocket is the Church.
Chavez makes no secret his admiration for Fidel Castro and thinks Cuban Marxist
ideology is the best possible type of government policy.  He openly fraternizes with
Castro and praises him – completely ignoring the total lack of basic freedoms in Cuba.  It
is only a matter of time before Chavez openly declares himself Marxist as did Castro. 
Until now he hides behind the euphemism, Bolivarian, a shameful use of that honorable
name.  As Castro did, Chavez is in the process of confiscating private lands and
businesses – a little at a time.  As a good Marxist, he believes private property is the basis
of all evil.  Already he is jailing opposition leaders who he terms as enemies of the state –
just like Castro – in good dictatorial style.
Meanwhile Chavez jets around the world in a most lavish lifestyle while the economic
situation in Venezuela goes from bad to worse with runaway inflation, massive
unemployment and wretched poverty.  He encourages ties with any government which
uses dictatorial powers to subjugate its people and makes political, commercial and
military agreements with those countries – the latest being China.
How are the Venezuelan people taking all this?  In the December 4 parliamentary
election about 75% of the electorate stayed home in silent protest – knowing their vote
means nothing in a dictatorial state where the tyrant will do what he wants anyway. 
Consequently, the current Venezuelan government has been judged by the people to be
illegitimate.  It is no longer of the people, by the people and for the people: it is against
the people.  It is not democratic or socialistic: it is autocratic.
Our neighbors to the south in Venezuela will be joining with thousands of Cubans who
have voted with their feet – escaping their so-called workers’ paradise as the inevitable
Marxist noose tightens around their throats.
Meanwhile, expect the liberal elite will joint the chorus praising Chavez as they have also
praised Castro as the vanguard of the glorious triumph of socialism.  It is constantly
amazing how the liberal elite can completely overlook the eradication of human rights in
Cuba – and now in Venezuela – and then find the least reason to criticize American
democratic government.  Cubans and Venezuelans will be glad to tell them the truth.