Keepers of the Hearth
(The Fire of Married Love)
In frontier days it was the hearth
  That spread the warmth of home
To all that dwelled therein.
  Its golden flames were light and heat –
A place to cook and eat – to read and talk –
  The place of stability and security for all.
Of course, everyone knew the inviting flames
  Which did so much to create a home
Could also be the most terrible curse
  If they were allowed to devour the trusty logs
Joining together walls and roof.
  Utmost care was used to guard the fire
In its sacred place of the hearth.
And so it is in God’s plan for the home
  As parents tend the sacred flames of their love
In the precious hearth of their marriage –
  Faithfully guarding the golden fire within –
A special care for them alone –
  Knowing those flames form the very
Unity of sacred hearth and home.
They know full well the awful destruction
  Unleashed when through faithless
Neglect and betrayal of the flame
  Hearth and home are burnt to ashes
Leaving nothing with which to bind
  Its broken members together again.
He made the hearth to hold the fire –
  And tends it with His care
When those at home fulfill His plan
Then warming love and stability
  Will keep a house a home
And never allow the golden fire
  Another place to burn.