Home-grown Terrorism

Every Muslim is not a terrorist, but every terrorist, with few exceptions, is a Muslim. In our war with terrorism we are fighting a radical Islamic enemy without borders. We are deluded if we think the conflict is concentrated only in Iraq and Afghanistan. Enemy soldiers are regularly being recruited within our own country and in many other countries around the world.

A key al-Qaeda recruiter is Yemeni-American imam Anwar al-Awlaki who received his academic training at Colorado State University, San Diego State University and George Washington University. With excellent internet savy Awlaki is actively persuading young Muslims in mosques and universities to follow his Wahhabi jihadic teaching.

Awlaki is very much aware that we are what we think, and what he has taught his disciples to think is bearing bitter fruit, for example, two of the 9/11 hijackers, two of the Mumbai attackers who were Americans, and Maj. Nidal Hassan who killed 13 US soldiers in Fort Hood, TX.

What does Awlaki teach? In his 44 Ways to Support Jihad he writes: The hatred of the kuffar is a central element of our military creed. We need to realize that Allah will not grant us victory as long as we still have some love toward his enemies in our hearts. Awlaki plainly states: We will implement the rule of Allah on earth by the tip of the sword, whether the masses like it or not.

How different from the message of our risen Christ -- a message of love rather than a message of hate -- a message of the Cross rather than a message of the star and crescent.