When Idealism Meets Reality

Latin American universities have long been hotbeds of Marxist teaching. Venezuelan universities have been no exception. Idealistic students have been told that a Cuban-type revolution is what Latin America needs -- the promise of a classless society -- a workers' paradise in which the wealth is shared equally by all.

This idealism has been shattered as Venezuelan students have been killed, wounded and jailed simply because they want a free press in their country which is being hijacked by the Castro clone, Hugo Chavez. Everything Castro has done Chavez is doing -- expropriating businesses, shutting down the free press, stifling legitimate protest and militarizing the nation. He has set himself up as the all-powerful dictator, El Comandante, as he likes to call himself. And like all dictators, he doesn't take kindly to opposition of any kind -- the reason he is shutting down the Venezuelan free press -- and substituting government media which spouts only the party line.

Venezuelan students who thought the Cuban revolution was such a great thing are now sadly experiencing what really happens when Marxism takes over. There is no more liberty -- only forced conformity to what the dictator wants which inexorably leads to impoverishment -- both economically and politically. Marxism cannot succeed without the backing of a police state, e.g. the old USSR, China, Vietnam, Cuba, North Korea, Zimbabwe etc.

What a rude awakening for students who idealistically believed the party line but now are so brutally oppressed with the reality of what Marxism really is.