Islamic Cowardice



Let’s suppose the 2012 summer Olympics competition in London were a foregone conclusion in that all Muslim athletes would automatically win. The entire sports world would not stand for it. Everyone would say that all competition should be fair with equal opportunity for the best athlete to win – Muslim or otherwise.


As Christianity competes with Islam in Muslim countries, the whole system is stacked against Christianity with little chance to win the hearts of the Muslim population. Islam has rigged the competition so that there is no free and fair opportunity for choice on the part of Muslims in Islamic countries. The most severe law against fairness is part of Sharia: i.e. anyone defecting from Islam can legally be put to death. This kind of gross unfairness eliminates any competition whatsoever when a Muslim must risk his life if he even thinks of converting to Christianity. What is Islam afraid of? If Islam is the superior religion, as Muslims state, then why not give the opportunity for Muslims to choose their religion rather than threaten them with death if they leave Islam? This is why Muslims are cowards. It sure seems like they are afraid to compete on a level playing field with Christians. If their religion is so convincing and superior, why not let the competition be free and fair? They are not going to let that happen, however. They feel they must rig the competition.


Add to this the laws in Muslim countries which prohibit any free sharing of the Gospel.

Anyone caught giving or receiving the Gospel is subject to arrest and subsequent punishment. Again, what are Muslims afraid of? If their religion is superior, why not allow a free and fair competition of ideas? It appears that Muslims are not that sure of their own religion since it seems like they are afraid some of their number will defect if there is honest competition. This does not speak well for Islam. From every appearance there is a cowardice built into the Islamic system which does not allow for free interchange with Christian thought.


Incredibly, this kind of unfairness even exists in America! At the annual Muslim fair in Dearborn, MI, Christians are not allowed to freely witness to the attendees. This is in the United States of America! There is no doubt that an inherent sense of unfairness is built into Islam such that the free competition of ideas cannot even be experienced in a western democracy where Islam is a growing minority! (Muslims are in the minority in Dearborn, but that minority is growing larger every day. It is one of the largest concentrations of Muslims in America with a huge mosque in the city.) Muslims won’t allow it. They cause all kinds of trouble if Christians dare to share their faith openly at the Muslim fair in Dearborn, and sadly the police go along with this denial of free speech for fear of opposition from Muslims.


Muslims are not content to eliminate competition only in their own countries, they are also attempting to do this worldwide. The Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC), 57 strong, the largest bloc in the UN, is pushing for a resolution which would criminalize any speech against any religion anywhere. All this sounds quite innocuous until we understand what this really means. It criminalizes religious free speech. If anyone shares the Gospel with a Muslim, this can be construed to be antagonistic or offensive to the Muslim – hence, a criminal activity. The OIC has been pushing this idea in the UN for ten years, and our own government has now foolishly lent its approval. Not only do Muslims want to eliminate all free and fair competition of ideas in their countries, they now want to impose this unfairness on the rest of the world!


Muslims also threaten the whole world with the blackmail of murder and all kinds of mayhem if something produced in the West (or anywhere) is construed by them to be insulting to Muhammed or the Koran. Whether cartoons, articles or videos, anything that is taken to blaspheme Muhammed or the Koran, can give license to murder and all kinds of violence on the part of Muslims anywhere in the world. Let’s get this straight. Nothing gives license to carry out this sort of vicious mob violence!


There is a history to all of this. Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie still has a bounty on his head since the publication of The Satanic Verses, a book which Muslims believe is an insult to Muhammed. Muslims have killed and maimed many (including translators of this book) -- and have wantonly destroyed property. The pretext? Rushdie’s book. Even since 1988 this talented author has needed tight security in order to live which has made his life miserable. Then it was popular Dutch film producer, Theo Van Gogh. An outspoken critic of Islam, in 2004 he produced a short film called Submission in which he sharply criticized the terrible treatment of women by Muslim men – something everybody knows is the truth. For this film Van Gogh was assassinated by a Muslim in Holland. Muslims will kill even through what irritates them is true! There is no license for this. Their killing and violence is criminal and cannot be tolerated in a free society. In 2004 and 2005 twelve Danish cartoons were published to which Muslims took offense. One cartoon showed the Prophet with a bomb on his turban (obviously a portrayal of the fact that Muslims often use suicide bombs to kill in the name of Allah.) Because of these cartoons, hundreds were killed in the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere – with millions of dollars worth of damage. There is no license for Muslims to go on a rampage because of cartoons they think are insulting to the Prophet. Such behavior is nothing less than criminal and unacceptable in a civilized society. Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, produced a film in 2008 called Fitna in which verses from the Koran are read which obviously incite violence while scenes from Islamic terrorism are portrayed in conjunction with those verses. Because of threats on his life by Muslims, Wilders must live under tight security for fear of his life in his native Holland and elsewhere. Such is the nature of Islam when it is criticized. The latest example of this unbridled violence is 9/11/12 when US embassies and other western entities in Africa and the Middle East were viciously attacked, and personnel were killed ostensibly because of a video negatively portraying Muhammed – a video which was produced in California and put out on the internet. Again, this shows the cowardice of Muslims who will not allow anything negative to be said about them or their religion without threatening violent reprisals. This is not a level playing field. This sort of mass blackmail is despicable and unacceptable. Blackmail is criminal activity and must never be tolerated. Yet, we have those in the West who would willingly be blackmailed and therefore will not say anything negative about Islam for fear of violent reprisals. When they do this they are effectively stifling free speech – even though what needs to be said about Islam is true and necessary.


Muslims who blackmail with the threat of murder, mayhem and mob action do not have a place in civilized society. Civilized people are able to criticize each other without the fear of violence being perpetrated upon them! Muslim society cannot be called civilized when it punishes and persecutes free speech. Muslims will not stand up with courage in the marketplace of ideas and compete on a level playing field with those who disagree with them. This is cowardly behavior.


Islamic blackmail reminds us of the tactics of homosexual activists in the US. If anyone dares to uphold the biblical view of marriage and family, that person is threatened and branded as intolerant and bigoted when in fact it is the homosexual activists who are intolerant and bigoted when it comes to Christian marriage and family. Dan Cathy, CEO of Chick-fil-A has personally experienced homosexual blackmail, and similar threats and economic bullying are being applied to other individuals and organizations simply because they do not agree with homosexual activists. This is the same problem we have with Islamists. If one does not agree with homosexual activists, there is no debate. There is no open forum in which ideas can be freely exchanged without the threat of punishment. Just as in the case of Islamic group blackmail, homosexual group blackmail has no place in civilized society. Homosexual activists have returned to barbarism.


Of course, Muslims can and do say all sorts of negative things about Christianity and other religions, but they believe that is perfectly acceptable since they consider theirs to be the only perfect religion. Islam is always a one-way street for its adherents. It’s their way or the highway. There is no compromise or mutual understanding for them. They will freely destroy churches in Nigeria and kill hundreds of Christians there in their application of their Muslim teaching. What if Christians were to respond by destroying mosques and killing Muslims in the same manner? Of course, Muslims would be outraged, but they think they can continue to victimize Christians with impunity.


In the West, Muslims want the freedom to build their mosques and to propagate their religion – even though the Koran incites violence against infidels. (Please see “The Koran and Violence” on this website under “Islam.”) In fact they demand it and appeal to our laws which uphold the freedom of religion. They, however, do not give this same kind of freedom in Muslim-majority countries. This is hypocritical, to say the least! This is not a level playing field. Muslims should be ashamed to demand in the West that which they will not allow in their own counties. Yet, they show no shame at all. In fact, they support Sharia around the world – a system which is flagrantly undemocratic. Sharia and democracy can never co-exist.


As background for this document please read “Islam and Christianity” on this website under “Islam.” In the West there is an abysmal ignorance as to what Islam really is.