Franklin Graham is banned from speaking at the Pentagon on the May 6 Day of Prayer. NPR abruptly fires Juan Williams. Geert Wilders stands trial in Holland. Each of these men are victims of a new addition to the litany of political correctness -- Islamophobia -- i.e. the unwritten prohibition of any expression critical of Islam. They are also victims of a dangerous stifling of free speech in western democracies.

Graham had spoken various times at the Pentagon since 9/11, but on the occasion of this year's Day of Prayer, Islamic organizations influenced the Pentagon to ban his appearance because he made negative remarks about Islam right after 9/11. Williams received the same fate because of his negative remarks regarding Muslims on airplanes. Wilders is now on trial in Holland for his negative remarks regarding Islam -- notably his short film, FITNA, which repeats verses from the Koran and shows the horrible results of their application in Holland and elsewhere. This film can be viewed on the internet.

By its very nature Islam discriminates against unbelievers, the kafir, in the Koran. They are portrayed as those who are either to be eliminated or subdued. At the same time Islamists tell us in the West that any criticism of their crass discrimination should not be allowed. This they call Islamophobia -- a very clever way to stifle legitimate free speech.

Christians do not demand the curtailment of constitutional free speech when they are criticized -- and neither should Muslims.

Islamophobia is a sham.