(Radical Islam)
Although it may not be evident in media reporting of suicide bombings, kidnappings,
terrorist attacks and various kinds of war around the world, there is a thread which holds
most of these events together.  It is called Jihad, or Holy War, i.e., waging war against
non-Muslims.  According to fundamentalist Islamic teaching, until the world is Islamic,
all adult, male, able-bodied Muslims are expected to take part in Jihad.  Victims of Holy
War suffer across North and Central Africa (especially Sudan where there has been a
massive persecution of black Christians and animists in the south and west), throughout
the Near East and Central Asia and in Asia (particularly the Philippines and Indonesia) –
and now in the US and Europe.  No form of violence is excluded.  Most recently we have
been repulsed by Jihad-inspired suicide bombings in Israel, Spain, England, Indonesia,
Iraq, Afganistan and the Philippines etc.
Fortunately, not all Muslims adhere to a strict practice of Jihad.  However, there is a
sympathetic response by Muslims to the growth of Islam by whatever means.  Further,
there is no doubt that fundamentalist Islam with its militantly aggressive theology is
What is it that would cause a young Moslem to strap explosives around his body and
blow himself up in the middle of a crowded market place, train or bus?  Muslim theology
teaches these young folks that dying for the cause of Jihad assures them a glorious
martyr’s welcome and favored status in their Muslim paradise.
And we as Americans have not been immune to Jihad.  Who can forget our Marine
barracks in Lebanon, Air Force housing in Saudi Arabia and the USS Cole?  This is not
to mention US embassy bombings in East Africa and the World Trade Center attack in
New York.
Due to our Judeo-Christian heritage, we are a tolerant people accepting those from
multiple races, religions and national origins to our shores.  We will not tolerate,
however, those who kill us simply because we are non-Islamic Americans – nor will we
tolerate those who incite young Muslims to perpetrate such violence.                          
Sadly, Jihad is the thread which will keep winding its way through much of our world