Do I  Really Know Jesus?
Did you ever ask that question before?  I suppose most people would answer: “Sure, I
know a lot about Jesus.  I’m fairly well acquainted with the facts of his life, death,
resurrection, ascension, etc.  Why do I need to ask myself: ‘Do I really know Jesus?’”
Well, think of it this way.  The way you answer the question should tell you a great deal
about how you know Him.  Notice, the question is: “Do I really know Jesus?”; not, “Do I
really know about Jesus?”  You see, in English we use the same word for knowing
someone and knowing about someone.  Interestingly enough, biblical Greek uses two
different words to make the distinction.  The same is true in many other languages. 
Knowing Jesus and knowing about Jesus are actually two different things.
Why is this so?  Obviously, knowing about someone does not necessarily mean you
know that person.  You or I can know many facts about the President, for example, but
we may not know him personally at all.  Constantly the Bible emphasizes the need to
know Jesus personally.  Jesus made this very clear when He prayed to the Father as
recorded in John 17:3: “Now this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true
God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.”  It is Jesus’ prayer for us that we might
know Him personally and not just know about Him although that is also important.
Let me ask you to reflect on the main question once more: “Do I really know Jesus?”  Do
I know him personally, or do I just know some facts about him?  According to Jesus
Himself, the difference between the two questions is the difference between having
eternal life or not!  And nothing could be more important than knowing for sure you have
eternal life!
How, then, do I come to know Jesus personally?  Really, it’s the same way we come to
know anyone.  It must be by means of personal communication!  Communicating
personally with the risen Lord Jesus is, of course, what we call prayer.  Have you ever
communicated with Jesus in this way?: “Jesus, I know I have disobeyed You.  I have
done and thought things which displease You, and have harmed others in the process.  I
believe when You died for me it was to take my punishment for my selfish disobedience. 
So, I now give myself to You in grateful thanksgiving for what You did for me on the
Cross, and I receive You and the eternal life which you make available to me.”
When you and I communicate with Jesus like this He promises us: “I am the bread of life. 
He who comes to Me will never go hungry, and he who believes in Me will never be
thirsty.”  “All that the Father gives me will come to Me, and whoever comes to Me I will
never drive away.”  “For my Father’s will is that everyone who looks to the Son and
believes in Him shall have eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day.”,           
John 6:35,37,40.  Jesus responds affirmatively to your prayer and promises eternal life in
“Do I really know Jesus?”  You and I can answer that question positively if we have
personally and sincerely communicated to Him something similar to what is expressed in
the above prayer.  God’s Word promises: “He who has the Son has life; but he who does
not have the Son of God does not have life.”, I John 5:12.  Have you asked Jesus, who is
in Himself eternal life, to come and live in and through you?  If you have, you can
declare with confidence: “Yes, I really do know Jesus!”