The Party of Lincoln 
(Supporting Pro-life Politics)
As it did 150 years ago, the anti-slavery party of Lincoln has again chosen the high road
in its consistent decision to oppose abortion and promote the humanity of unborn
children.  Interestingly enough, Lincoln’s party did not choose the politically-correct
position of its day -- with heavy opposition both in the North and South against the
abolition of slavery.  That did not matter to Abraham Lincoln – nor does it matter to the
Republican Party of today.  Lincoln understood, as we do, the common humanity of all
races and ages – prior to birth, in the process of birth, and throughout life.  All rhetoric
and sophistry aside, the question was then – and still is – a matter of humanity.
Those who promote abortion, of course, deny the humanity of unborn children just as
pro-slavery advocates denied the humanity of African-American slaves.  That’s why
unthinkable violence against humanity was and is possible for those who take such a
position.  Let me ask you, why in Heaven’s name do we spend millions on pre-natal care
when – according to pro-abortionists – what we are caring for is merely a meaningless
mass of protoplasm?  Why in Heaven’s name do we still universally support laws which
hold perpetrators liable for any violence done to an unborn child – which by definition is
nonhuman if you take the view of pro-abortion advocates?  Does it make any sense at all
to say we are suddenly human only after the process of birth?  
Isn’t it the height of hypocricy for those already born – those who have been given the
right to live by their mothers – to arbitrarily deny that right to others?  Someone has
given them the gift of life, but they have seen fit to deny that gift of someone else. 
Would not this be the epitome of ingratitude and selfishness?
Former Senator Al Gore knew the majority of Tenneseeans were pro-life, so he was pro-
life in the Senate.  However, as part of a Democrat pro-abortion administration he was
pro-abortion -- because that was expected of him by the President.  Former Vice-
President Gore apparently thought political correctness to be the highest of virtues.  I’m
proud to say that is not case for leaders of the party of Lincoln.  It remains the party of
principle – supporting the preservation of humanity for all people.