Political Correctness Gone to Seed
(Native American School Symbols)
To equate Native American school symbols with racism is political correctness gone to
seed.  It has never been a matter of racism when school symbols are chosen and thereafter
revered.  It has always been a matter of school pride and honor to associate a symbol with
a school.  How can racism be attributed to the respect and loyalty embodied in a school
symbol?  Yet today this is happening, and schools are being forced to abandon their long-
held, cherished symbols.  The symbol honors the school, and the school honors the
symbol.  To make this a matter of racism is beyond reasonableness.
To show how far afield this thinking has gone, by way of comparison let’s consider the
example of Notre Dame University, the home of the Fighting Irish.  Using the strange
logic which equates racism with Native American symbols, couldn’t the same charge be
leveled at Notre Dame for using an ethnic symbol?  Is it a slap in the face of the Irish to
use their ethnicity as a school symbol?  Is it demeaning and a mockery of the Irish as a
nation and as a people?  Of course not!
Actually, the opposite is the case.  Notre Dame is proud of its strand of Irish history just
as schools all over this land are proud of their strand of Native American history as
embodied in their school symbols.  If the choice of a Native American name is thought to
be automatically demeaning, we had better start changing our state names such as
Illinois, Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan etc.  Then what of the
thousands of cities and towns across the land which trace their names to Native American
history and culture?  It is beyond belief that some are making the proud and honorable
scholastic use of Native American names a matter of racism.  Where does it all end? 
Maybe cars and trucks will be next?  Dakota?  Cherokee?
By all means, let’s work to eradicate whatever racist vestiges there are.  But in the name
of clear reasoning and good sense, let’s not needlessly cause division and hard feeling
over something which has absolutely nothing to do with racism.