Regarding the continuing controversy surrounding censorship there is an immense
amount of inconsistency in that many of those who promote restriction of environmental
pollution are often the same individuals who oppose restriction of mental pollution. 
Apparently, it is right to rein in greedy corporations which endanger our physical
environment, but it is wrong to rein in greedy businesses which pollute the mind. 
Ironically, censorship of that which enters the mind is branded as evil whereas restriction
of that which enters the body is considered good!  Isn’t it the mind which controls the
The old argument goes:  “I have the right to sell anything I want on the internet, in
movies, in magazines, etc.  No one has the right to censor that.  It’s my business.”  Ask
law-enforcement officials and social workers if pornography is merely an individual
matter.  Every sex offender, rapist and pedophile has a cache of pornography which
continually feeds his mind.  As we think, so we are.
Why don’t those who take a laissez-faire attitude toward mental pollution apply their
principles to environmental pollution?  Why, they say, environmental pollution has social
consequences!  Exactly the point!  Countless thousands, mostly women and children, are
callously exploited in the production of pornography -- and even more are seriously
damaged by those who buy it.  Pornography is not an individual matter!
Purveyors of pornography use the argument of free speech as a smokescreen for nothing
more than untrammeled profit-making.  Let’s not forget that pornography is a multi-
billion dollar business which has no interest in the social devastation it leaves in the wake
of its pollution.  Greedy businesses are greedy businesses – whether they pollute the body
or the mind.  Both need to be censored for the public good.