In all of the discussion regarding pornography in our communities, I hope we do not lose
sight of the main issue – exploitation!  Pornography exploits the most beautiful and
tender aspects of our humanity for financial gain – with no thought or interest in who
might get hurt.
People are not things to be used like food – without personhood – without dignity.  Isn’t
that what civil rights are all about?  A true civil rights activist will fight pornographic
exploitation of men, women and children simply because we are not things to be used but
people with self-worth!
Why is pornography such an evil force in our communities?  It influences the behavior of
those who feed on it to view other human beings, especially women, as objects to be used
for personal gratification – with no thought or interest in who is harmed in the process.  It
incites people to exploit others in a mindless, impersonal way.  Is that the sort of thing we
want for our communities?
Films and magazines don’t influence behavior?  Then why do advertisers spend millions
to do that very thing by means of the media?  There is no doubt that no social mechanism
is more powerful to shape our way of thinking than media images and sounds.
Those who are working to protect media pornography in the name of First Amendment
rights apparently think exploitation is a First Amendment right!  It is not!  It never was! 
No one has any right, Constitutional or otherwise, to exploit another person – especially
in the most intimate and personal areas of their humanity.