(Our Judeo-Christian Foundations)
Holland has again taken the lead in so-called progressive legislation legalizing
euthanasia.  This follows the legalization of abortion, prostitution, soft drugs, and
homosexual marriage in the Netherlands.  For many of us, these kinds of supposedly
progressive steps are regressive rather than progressive.  As restraints are lifted in areas
of behavior previously thought to degenerate into disease, dehumanization and
disintegration of the family, Western civilization continues its downward slide from
greatness – a greatness which historically has drawn its underpinnings from Judeo-
Christian principles.
Biblical principles which have been the foundation of Western law are under steady
attack as being discriminatory and politically incorrect – principles which led the Western
world to produce a society in which the best in human compassion and welfare has
manifested itself in reforms benefiting every strata of society.  Even now as Western
civilization wanes, much of the world is still clamoring to enter its doors.
If the throwing off of all restraint is the aim of so-called progressive society, then why
not go all the way and be totally progressive?  Let’s start, for example, with traffic laws.
Why not allow total freedom?  Those advocating removal of restraints would counter that
traffic laws are needed for orderly, well-functioning travel.  They would say doing away
with all traffic regulation would lead to chaos, and they would be absolutely right!  When
taken to its logical conclusion, their position doesn’t seem so progressive after all.
Those advocating the destruction of our Judeo-Christian foundations do us a great
disservice by peddling the idea that we would then enjoy a truly free society.  How free is
a derailed train?  Isn’t it far better following the tracks of tried and true biblical principles
rather than ending up with a train wreck?
A phrase from America the Beautiful puts it so well:  “Thy liberty in law.”  Our forebears
understood better than we that true freedom resides in adherence to God-given biblical
principles.  Will we learn from them, or will we follow the example of the Netherlands
into the unknown of so-called progressive social experimentation?