School of Dictators



No, the age of dictators is not ever.  In fact, it is experiencing a renaissance.  And these dictators exude a real affinity for each other - extolling the wonders of each other's regime.  One of the newer dictators on the scene, Hugo Chavez, makes it his practice to visit as many other dictators as possible.  He never met a dictator he didn't like.           Fidel Castro is a favorite.  Sadaam Hussein was special to him.  Kim Jong-il, one of the last Stalinist dictators - along with Alexander Lukashenko - is a real friend.  And Chavez can't say enough good about Mahmoud Ahmadinejab who openly advocates wiping Israel off the map - and will not give up his nuclear ambitions - or his support of terrorists.  Top it all off with Robert Mugabe who has also experienced a bear hug from fellow Marxist, Hugo Chavez.  Evo Morales is a young dictator in training - taking special lessons from Castro and Chavez.


Each of these dictators has learned his lessons well.  Lesson number one - you must hate the US, the West, and democratic principles - because dictatorships and democratic principles cannot coexist.  Number two - you must eradicate the free press - because like cockroaches, dictators can't stand the light of truth.  Three - make sure you intimidate, jail or kill anyone who opposes you - because dictators don't accept any opposition.  Four -- gather around you sycophants who will nod their heads.  They know who pays them.  Five -- take absolute control over the police and military because a society without power cannot rise up.  Six -- make yourself a cult personality with your face plastered everywhere.


What's so strange about all this is the behavior of some leftists in the West.  They applaud the dictators, but they live in the West.  Let them put their bodies where their mouth is.  Let them go live under a dictator.