Selective Reporting
(The Columbine Tragedy)
On December 20, 1999, Nancy Gibbs and Timothy Rouch wrote a 20-page special Time
report on the Columbine tragedy videotapes, and extensive piece by any standard. 
Strangely, a major motivation for the killings clearly indicated in the tapes was
completely edited from the article – i.e. anti-Christian hatred.  Christian classmates were
designated as targets in the tapes – Rachel Scott in particular.  We’re all aware of other
groups in the school hated by the perpetrators which we have learned about, but clear
anti-Christian hatred apparently was intentionally ignored.  What is even more ironic is
the normally meticulous way in which Time and other major news sources report
regarding motivations for other hate crimes – and rightly so.  All hate crimes should be
equally abhorrent.  It would appear, however, that the very evident anti-Christian hostility
of the Columbine killers was unimportant to Time and many other major media sources.
In courts of law there is an oath requiring the whole truth be told.  Why the whole truth
about anti-Christian hatred in the Columbine reporting was not considered germane by
many major news sources is incomprehensible and unacceptable.  It causes us to wonder
what else is intentionally deleted from the news.  Irresponsible, selective reporting like
this is just the sort of thing which undermines confidence in the press.