(Islamic Intolerance)
In our haste to fall all over ourselves assuring our six million US Muslim neighbors we
are a tolerant nation, we seem to be using blinders in our consideration of the Muslim
religion itself as though it too were tolerant.  Wherever Islam is dominant, there is no
tolerance – or very little of it.  Consider, for example, Saudi Arabia, the mother country
of Islam where Sharia, Muslim law, is in effect.  If we were looking for a pure depiction
of what true Islam is, there could be no better place.
The Human Rights Watch World Report describes the results of Sharia in Saudi Arabia in
the following manner:  “Freedom of expression and association were nonexistent rights,
political parties and independent local media were not permitted, and even peaceful anti-
government activities remained virtually unthinkable.  Infringements on privacy,
institutionalized gender discrimination, harsh restrictions on the exercise of religious
freedom…were also major features of the kingdom’s human rights record.”  In other
words, Sharia is total domination of society by the forceful imposition of Islam.  No
aspect of life is left untouched.
It is not well known that any religious observance other than that of Islam is illegal in
Saudi Arabia – even in your own home!  Any outward religious sign or symbol which is
not Muslim is prohibited – even the carrying of a Bible in public.  There can be no
mention of any religion or any religious book other than Islam and the Quran in public
discourse.  Speaking to anyone about Christ or Christianity is a crime.  A Muslim who
becomes a Christian may be executed according to Sharia.
Just once, as we are hearing our Muslim neighbors extol the virtues of their religion, it
would be refreshing to hear an imam condemn the dictatorial imposition of Sharia in
many Muslim countries.  You’ll never hear it, however.  It is absolutely hypocritical for
our Muslim neighbors to take advantage of our tolerance when they do not offer it in
lands where they are a majority.  It is worse than hypocritical for them to then turn
around and bite our hand of tolerance in distain.