Is Sharia Gender Justice?

Dalia Mogahed, a Muslim member of President Obama's Advisory Council On Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, has stated that Sharia should be associated with gender justice. Such a statement could only come from the mouth of someone who would like to see Sharia instituted in the US as it is now in the UK. To appease British Muslims the UK has already allowed Sharia to function in a parallel fashion to English law.

Women Against Sharia has a view quite the opposite of Ms. Mogahed. They state: "It is our position that Sharia Law imposes second-class status on women and is incompatible with the standards of liberal Western societies and the basic principles of human rights that include equality under the law and the protection of individual freedoms. The Sharia code mandates the complete authority of men over women, including the control of their movement, education, marital options, clothing, bodies, place of residence and all other aspects of their existence. Further, it calls for the beating, punishment and murder of women who don't comply with Sharia requirements." Many women in Women Against Sharia know whereof they speak from first-hand experience.

Their mission is as follows: "to prevent and outlaw the imposition of Sharia Law in the United States for both Muslim and American women as either a parallel legal system or a replacement for existing laws -- and to empower women worldwide to resist Sharia."

Who's right, Ms. Dalia Mogahed or Women Against Sharia?

Thank God, Women Against Sharia still has the right in Western countries to speak out against the most abusive laws on earth against women, Sharia Law. Once Islam rules, there can be no such expression. It would receive cruel and swift oppression.

Ms. Mogahed deceptively portrays Sharia as good for women -- even the best sort of cultural arrangement for women. Ask the women of Saudi Arabia, the great motherland of Islam, how well they are treated. Every area of a woman's life is subject to medieval Islamic rules which will not allow her to drive or go anywhere without a male family chaperone. She must be covered sufficiently with dark clothing (abayas) so as not to be arrested by the Mutaween, or fashion police. (These religious police also enforce times of prayer and gender separation.) Although she can be educated in gender-separated facilities, very little employment is available to her. In short, she is subjected to one of the most abusive, male-dominated societies in the world today.

Western women who are being deceived by people like Ms. Mogahed and made to think that Sharia is good for women are totally na´ve. Let them live in an Islamic society for one day, and they would change their mind in a hurry!