What is the cognitive slight-of-hand by which the most heinous crimes within the human
family can be committed?  The trick is called dehumanization.   All we have to do is
simply convince ourselves that the other person or persons we wish to eliminate or
subjugate are really not human after all.  That is how slave owners in our early history
could buy and sell as mere chattel precious human beings without a twinge of conscience. 
That is how millions have been annihilated in our century -- the bloodiest in history!  (So
much for evolutionary theory which postulates a wonderful progression toward higher
and nobler manifestations of life!)  National Socialism in Germany could massacre its
millions under the banner of dehumanization.  Likewise Marxism could follow with its
pogroms in Russia, China, Cambodia, etc.  At this moment, militant Islam liquidates
Christians and animists in southern Sudan using the same rationale.
All of these crimes pale into insignificance with the continuing, intentional loss of untold
millions of unborn children not only in the US -- but around the world.  How is it that we
can accomplish this horror without batting an eyelash?  Dehumanization!  They are only
fetal tissue, and abortion is merely a procedure.  Read “How a Child’s Brain Develops,”
Time, February 3, 1997, and tell me the “child” in the article is just tissue!
Most telling is the amazing story of Dr. Bernard N. Nathanson, OB-GYN, which is told
in his own words in the recent book, The Hand of God.  Moving the entire spectrum from
the founding of NARAL to becoming an ardent proponent of life, Dr. Nathanson recounts
how he so conveniently dehumanized thousands of unborn children aborted in his
massive New York clinic – deluding himself to believe the tiny body parts of his grisly
work were somehow unrelated to the human race.  He doesn’t believe that now!
Dehumanization.  A simple, cognitive trick with deadly consequences.  By the way,
aren’t you glad your mother didn’t decide to dehumanize you during the first nine months
of your life?