Let’s Support Marriage and Family
Thank God for our president who is willing to take criticism from those who like to beat
around the Bush!  As a man of conviction he is not afraid to take a stand for marriage and
family at a time in which some not only beat around the bush – but also don’t seem to
understand the very nature of the bush itself.  It’s a sad commentary on our modern
culture that some are trying to redefine marriage – and even to codify some sort of
foreign meaning for the concept – as if that could actually be done.  Redefining the
meaning of marriage is akin to attempting the redefinition of something as self-evident as
the nature of H2O.
Just from an anatomical point of view, one would think the union of one man and one
woman in marriage would be quite obvious.  Even plumbers term fittings as male and
female by the way they naturally work together to accomplish the desired plan.  But don’t
expect some in our modern culture to understand the obvious.
Of course, civil rights are always trotted out.  If sexual behaviors other than those
employed in marriage are codified, where do we stop with the many and varied kinds of
sexual behaviors which exist?  Pedophiles, for example, are also waiting for their place at
the table.  
Then from an historical and cultural view – going back 5000 years into human history –
where was there ever a nation that chose to deviate from the obvious institution of
marriage?  When, except in very recent history, has anything else ever been the law of
any land?  Do 5000 years count for something?
And how can we ignore our Judeo-Christian heritage which has been the bedrock of our
American institutions from the beginning?  Marriage is clearly God-ordained in
Scripture.  Any nation that leaves its heritage deserves the awful consequences of
disintegration and dissipation that follow.
As a nation we’re at a crucial point in our history.  Let’s get behind our leadership in
order to pass a constitutional Marriage Amendment – however long it takes.  So much is
at stake.