Revelations of a German Physician

In North Korea



Dr. Norbert Vollertsen, a German physician, has launched an international movement to expose the sheer inhumanity practiced in Kim Jong Il's North Korea.  What he saw there is indelibly burned into his memory - one of the few Westerners ever allowed to travel in North Korea.  Outside the showcase of Pyongyang he saw stunted, starving children eating insects alongside the road - and women searching for edible grasses. Dr.

Vollertsen vowed to expose this appalling genocide in the last Stalinist regime.  CBS's 60 Minutes aired Dr. Vollertsen's gripping story using smuggled video footage.


Out of a total population of 23 million, madman Kim Jong Il maintains a military of 1.2 million - fourth largest in the world - while his people barely eke out a living.  With his military-first national policy, the best food, clothing and shelter is reserved for the military and party apparatchiks. While this maniac builds rockets and develops nuclear weapons, his people starve - an estimated two to three million since the mid-1990's.


Using brutal tactics, this regime allows absolutely no deviation from the Party line, and all education, media and cultural expression must conform.  Kim Jong Il and his dead father, Kim Il Sung, are revered as gods -- their speeches memorized by schoolchildren.  These scoundrels must be worshipped for their alleged perfection -- although it is known in the West they have lived far worse than any hedonic capitalist.


Kim Jong Il's vast gulag of more than ten slave camps with some 200,000 political prisoners produce everything from timber, iron, and coal to finished goods for export.

Excellent first-hand accounts on the subject are The Aquariums of Pyongyang by Kang Chol-Hwan and Eyes of the Tailess Animals by Soon Ok Lee.


Of the Nazi holocaust we said never again, but again exists in North Korea.