You knew it would happen. A boy won the 100-meter dash at the Connecticut Girls State track meet. He entered using a girlís name, but all of his cells were male. It was a classic case of transgenderism gone wild, but the PC police let the record stand. Every girl who trained for this event was swindled. They came thinking they would compete against girls, but a boy (using a girlís name) won the race. This was totally unfair to those girls who trained so hard for the event.

Transgenderism can happen in the mind, but in reality it cannot happen. From birth to death boys have male cells, and girls have female cells. This does not change no matter how many hormonal treatments are given or operations are performed.

The mind can believe anything it wants to regarding what the individual wants to be, but that cannot change reality. If you think a male can actually change to a female, take it up with the university biology department. You will be told that gender is assigned at birth and does not change.

Can you imagine an obstetrician holding up a newborn child and going eniminiminimo? No! These is no doubt as to gender.

This is Godís plan. We were all created male or female, no matter how much some may wish to change Godís plan.