Carrying Water for Bin Laden
For the life of me I cannot figure out why the media feels duty-bound to broadcast the
latest tape from Bin Laden – or from any of our enemies with whom we are at war. 
Think of what it would cost these cave-hiding vermin if they had to pay for that kind of
worldwide propaganda, but they know our willing media folks are glad to do it for
nothing.  Terrorist organizations must be laughing up their sleeves.  In fact, our media
moguls fall over each other to see who can be the first to tell the world what is obvious.
Everyone knows Al Qaeda’s propaganda will always be to kill as many Americans and
Jews as they possibly can – any way they can – anywhere they can.  Why do we need to
have this garbage constantly broadcast to us by our own press?
Or course, the media will counter by saying they have to report the news whether it is
positive or negative – whether they agree with it or not.  And this is true when those
making news are not sworn enemies of the US who receive aid and comfort every time
their propaganda is broadcast.  Why do we think we have to help their cause?  Why do
we think we have to keep parroting their predictable propaganda?
Could you imagine our press anxiously broadcasting Hitler’s harangues as soon as he
made them?  To be sure, Adolf Hitler knew the value of propaganda and used Goebbels
to make sure the Nazi message got out to the world.  But the Nazis paid for their own
propaganda.  Could you imagine our media in those days thinking they had to carry water
for Hitler?  Frankly, it never entered their minds, and even if it did, the country would not
have stood for such an outrage.
But times have changed, and we have journalists and politicians who aren’t even
convinced we are in a war.  In fact, some of them don’t even think we should be at war
with Bin Laden and his ilk – and actually oppose this conflict – even after 9/11!  How
soon they have forgotten.  They just don’t get it – or maybe they just don’t want to.