Who Moved?

As Ronald Reagan used to say, I didn't leave the Democrat Party, they left me. Sixty-five years ago President Truman authorized the Nuremburg Trials for Nazi war criminals. Imagine what would have happened to him if he would have authorized the housing of Nazi war criminals in the US to be tried under US law. He would have been impeached -- no questions asked.

Now, sixty-five years later, a Democrat president is transferring radical Muslim war criminals to this country to be tried under US law -- and no one is upset -- at least not on the Democrat side. This shows how far the Democrats have deteriorated to the left since Harry Truman.

What are our fighting men and women to think? If those who are bombing and shooting them are captured, these jihadists will find shelter in the US and will be tried under the same law which governs our troops and their families. Worse than that, it is a proven fact that some who were kept at Gitmo and later released have returned again to kill our troops.

Our troops have a right to ask themselves, what are we fighting for? Are these radical Muslims who are killing us enemy combatants or not? If they are going to be coddled by our administration, why am I risking my life to fight them?

Yet, millions of Americans still vote Democrat. Just a reminder folks, the Democrat Party of Harry Truman is definitely not the Democrat Party of today.