Wilt the Stilt – A Parable
Wilt Chamberlain, otherwise known as Wilt the Stilt, was a towering giant of a man both
physically and in the world of sports.  Many of his NBA stats will probably remain
unchallenged – 4000 points in one season, 100 points in one game and a 50.4 point
average per game in his ’61 – ’62 season.  Wilt stood at seven- feet- one- inch and
eventually weighed in at three-hundred pounds.  Even NBA big men today don’t come
much bigger.
Speaking of his personal life, however, Wilt Chamberlain ended up just a dwarf of a man
– especially regarding commitment.  His self-proclaimed record of making love to over
twenty-thousand women was not an enviable one.  Although he thought he was reaching
out for some kind of personal satisfaction, he never found it.  The sheer numbers attest to
that.  His search for the satisfaction he so desperately sought after eluded him.  Wilt
stated just could not commit himself to any of the twenty-thousand – although he said
maybe five stood out in his mind.
By the age of sixty-two – surrounded with trophies of his success, wealth and fame – he
died alone – discovered dead in his bed by his gardener.
The Good Book says it well and says it straight: we reap what we sow.  Throughout his
life Wilt the Stilt would not commit himself to anyone, and dying alone he sadly found
there was no one committed to him.