The Strange World of Politics
It is well known Saddam Hussein eliminated about 300,000 of his own people for
political, religious and cultural reasons – mostly Shiites and Kurds – often in cruel and
hideous ways.  Their shallow graves are constantly being discovered, and a huge effort is
being made to attempt to match the deceased with relatives by using genetic codes.  In
addition to this holocaust, there are the hundreds of thousands dead in Iran and Kuwait
due to Saddam’s aggression against his own Moslem neighbors.
Enter the Iraq war protesters.  What staggers the imagination is their demonstration
against the removal of a tyrant who consciously patterned his pograms after the style of
his hero, Joseph Stalin.  On which planet do these demonstrators live?  The last I heard, it
is wrong for tyrants to liquidate their own people for reasons of naked power and
personal dictatorial control.  By any measure, the protestors have an extremely warped
view of reality.  Any reasonable assessment would assume their demonstrations should
be in favor of Saddam Hussein’s removal – rather than a tacit approval of his autocratic
status quo.
Enter the presidential contest of November 2004.  Senator Kerry and friends appear to
have the same warped view of reality manifested by Iraq War protestors.  Because they
can’t say anything good about the Bush administration and its war on terror, the
Democrat party has encouraged those who have opposed the removal of Saddam Hussein
from power.  That is unconscionable – especially since it was the Clinton administration
which thought it to be a most noble thing for the United States to topple Slobodon
Milosevic and Radovan Karadzic.  As a matter of comparison, Milosevic was responsible
for about 30,000 deaths in Bosnia and elsewhere due to political, religious and cultural
reasons.  Senator Kerry and friends thoroughly backed the Clinton administration in their
efforts to oppose ethnic cleansing in Bosnia, but they now oppose the Bush
administration which has removed another dictator whose ruthless actions killed 300,000. 
Evidently politics dictate that 300,000 deaths are not worthy of action, but 30,000 deaths
are important enough to intervene.
Politics is a strange world indeed!